South Marsden Park Endeavour Energy
South Marsden Park Endeavour Energy
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South Marsden Park Endeavour Energy

Addelec was tasked with a comprehensive electrical fit-out at the South Marsden Park for Endeavour Energy. This significant project involved the installation of a new outdoor 132kV switchyard to upgrade the existing infrastructure and improve energy distribution capabilities. 


The primary challenge of this project was the complexity and scope of installing the high-voltage switchyard. The project required meticulous planning and execution to ensure that all components—including circuit breakers, disconnectors, voltage transformers, and surge arresters—were installed without disrupting the ongoing operations of the existing power grid. Additionally, the team needed to manage multiple installations simultaneously, including switchboards, cabling, transformers, and protection systems, all within a tight timeline.


Addelec’s strategic approach to the electrical fit-out at South Marsden Park encompassed integrated operations to establish a robust and efficient 132kV switchyard. The project began with installing five dead tank circuit breakers, twelve disconnectors, and various sets of single-phase voltage transformers and surge arresters, complete with the necessary support structures for stability and durability. We then installed 415V and 11kV switchboards and the precise termination of 11kV cabling for reliable power distribution.  

A new transformer was placed and outfitted with associated protection and control panels to enhance the operational control of the substation. The team also implemented comprehensive DC systems and embedded earthing and lightning protection systems to safeguard the infrastructure against environmental and operational risks.  

Facility-wide lighting systems were set up to complete the installation, and extensive pre-commissioning testing was conducted, including submitting Installation Test Plans (ITPs). Addelec provided three months of continuous support from qualified electrical staff who oversaw protection and control testing and carried out any necessary modifications.  


The successful completion of the electrical fit-out at South Marsden Park has significantly enhanced the functionality and reliability of the Endeavour Energy 132kV Zone Substation. The new switchyard improves the efficiency of power distribution across the area and strengthens the network's capacity to handle increased future demands. This project underscores Addelec’s capability to deliver complex electrical infrastructure projects on schedule while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards.

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