Electrical systems inevitably face wear and tear, natural aging, and system modifications, which can sometimes lead to unexpected issues that disrupt overall functionality and cause downtime. Addelec offers a customised and thorough asset management and maintenance plan that ensures continuous system functionality.

Our team of skilled technicians delivers a range of commercial and industrial electrical maintenance services, aimed at:

  • High voltage overhead lines

    Regular inspection, testing, and maintenance of overhead lines to ensure reliable power distribution and to prevent potential outages or safety hazards. Environmental factors and vegetation growth are routinely managed to maintain clearances and system integrity.

  • HV substations (including circuit breakers and switchboards)

    Comprehensive maintenance services for substations to ensure they operate efficiently, including the repair and testing of essential components like circuit breakers and switchboards. Routine servicing prevents system failures and maintains consistent power quality.

  • High and low voltage transformers

    Routine checks and servicing of transformers to monitor their condition and functionality, ensuring they perform optimally and safely under all operating conditions. Regular assessments help to prolong the life of transformers and minimise the likelihood of unexpected failures.

  • Low voltage plant and equipment

    Maintenance of all low voltage equipment to guarantee operational integrity and safety, including preventive measures and corrective repairs. Ensuring compliance with safety standards and effective operation is a priority in these maintenance routines.

  • 24/7 Emergency Response service

    Around-the-clock availability to respond to and resolve emergency electrical issues, minimising downtime and preventing potential damage or extended disruptions. Rapid response is essential for restoring operations swiftly and mitigating impacts on services.