4.5MVA Upgrade at Gunlake Quarries, NSW
4.5MVA Upgrade at Gunlake Quarries, NSW
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4.5MVA Upgrade at Gunlake Quarries, NSW

The project at Gunlake Quarries in New South Wales entailed the design of a customer 22kV overhead network and an upgrade of the Essential Energy 22kV feeder to enhance power supply and infrastructure stability. 


The project required augmentation and upgrade of the existing 22kV feeder network to handle increased load and improve reliability. The challenge was to implement these enhancements across multiple locations, ensuring consistent and stable voltage throughout the network.


The solution involved several key interventions: 

  • Augmentation of 750m of overhead mains in Marulan, located 8km south of the Quarry, to strengthen the power transmission capabilities. 
  • Establishment of a voltage regulator at Brayton, 2km north of the Quarry, to manage and stabilise voltage fluctuations. 
  • Protection review at the customer connection point in Brayton to ensure safety and efficiency. 
  • Upgrade feeder protection devices at strategic locations, including Brayton, Big Hill (10km north), and Greenwich Park (15km northwest) of the project, to enhance overall network integrity and protection. 


The comprehensive upgrade at Gunlake Quarries significantly improved the electrical infrastructure, ensuring enhanced capacity and reliability of the power supply for quarry operations. The strategic upgrades across multiple points also helped in minimising downtime and ensuring consistent voltage regulation, bolstering overall operational efficiency at the quarry.

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