PBE Project
PBE Project
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PBE Project

The PBE Project involved the termination, jointing, and testing of a new 66kV 240mm XPLE feeder for the asset relocation of a coal rail loader in Muswellbrook. 


The main challenge was to ensure the seamless relocation of critical electrical infrastructure for the coal rail loader, requiring precise termination, jointing, and rigorous testing of the new high-voltage feeder.


The successful completion of this project ensured the continuous and reliable operation of the coal rail loader in its new location. This brief yet critical intervention supported the operational efficiency and stability of the coal transportation infrastructure in Muswellbrook.


The installation of the new kiosk substation significantly improved the reliability and efficiency of the Liverpool Sydney Water treatment plant. The modernised infrastructure supports enhanced performance and energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact. With the successful completion of this project, the water treatment plant is now better equipped to serve the community with increased capacity and reliability.

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