Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering services prioritise precision and innovation. We help our clients develop resilient and scalable electrical infrastructures that improve operational reliability and sustainability.

Addelec’s seasoned engineers specialise in comprehensive electrical system planning, detailed arc flash execution, discrimination, and harmonic studies to tailor solutions that meet specific client needs while complying with all regulatory standards.


Addelec specialises in installing low and high-voltage systems for diverse environments, from commercial buildings to industrial complexes. Our certified technicians manage every phase of the installation process utilising state-of-the-art technology and rigorous practices to ensure superior quality and safety.

We coordinate closely with clients, from initial site assessment and material procurement to the final implementation. You can guarantee seamless integration and optimal functionality of all your electrical components.



Addelec provides commissioning and critical validation for all types of electrical systems to ensure they operate according to precise specifications. We conduct extensive testing and adjustments on primary and secondary equipment, from power transformers to protection relays.

Each project is accompanied by a detailed commissioning report that certifies performance standards, system integrity, and compliance with all current electrical and safety codes.


Maintenance & Services

Our maintenance and after-care services are designed to maintain the integrity and efficiency of your electrical infrastructure. Our proactive approach includes regular system audits, predictive maintenance, and swift repair services to mitigate risks and reduce potential downtimes. We offer around-the-clock emergency responses and support, so your electrical systems perform reliably and continue to meet evolving operational demands.