Emergency Fire Damage Repair
Emergency Fire Damage Repair
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Emergency Fire Damage Repair

In December 2020, devastating bush fires swept through the Wollondilly area, severely damaging infrastructure including critical cables at the Tahmoor mine’s methane plant. 


The fires resulted in the destruction of essential cables and conduits that controlled methane plant valves, crucial for the mine's operations. The challenge was to quickly restore these systems under the harsh conditions left in the aftermath of the fire.


Addelec's skilled crews were mobilised to undertake emergency repairs under challenging conditions. The team efficiently replaced all damaged cables and conduits, focusing on rapid restoration to minimise downtime and ensure safety standards were met.


The swift response and effective repair work by Addelec allowed the Tahmoor mine to resume normal operations quickly, mitigating potential risks and losses. This emergency intervention highlighted Addelec's resilience and readiness to address critical repairs, ensuring operational continuity in extreme situations.

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