Project Management

We offer a comprehensive service, taking care of every aspect of your EV charging project, from grid connection, planning, and design to installing EV chargers. Whether establishing a new EV hub or integrating EV chargers into existing sites, Addelec manages the entire process seamlessly, a testament to our successful track record across Australia.

Concept & Planning

We undertake a comprehensive analysis, evaluating the local HV and LV networks, accessibility, and identifying optimal locations for charger and substation installations, ensuring a detailed and actionable plan is in place


We’ll guarantee that each design adheres to the applicable standards and is delivered promptly and accurately.


We collaborate with local electricity suppliers to ensure a smooth and efficient installation of your connection, assisting in securing all necessary planning permissions and paperwork to streamline the process.


We are equipped to handle all architectural tasks required to facilitate the installation of your charging point.


Our team is adept at conducting necessary earthing operations for subterranean cabling, enabling the installation of both HV and LV cables. We undertake a customised earthing study to guarantee comprehensive design details before seeking approval from the electricity supplier.


We manage every aspect of the construction process including conducting civil works, installing the electrical infrastructure, installing and commissioning the charging stations, bay painting signage and safety bollards.

Transparent Project Workflow

As your principal contractor, Addelec ensures a streamlined communication process, keeping you informed at every project phase. From initial planning to installation and completion, our commitment to efficiency, safety, and effectiveness guarantees your project stays on schedule. Our comprehensive services are designed for ease of progress tracking and timely execution. Addelec offer a unique one-stop shop for EV charging projects. With us, you avoid juggling multiple contractors, ensuring smoother communication and more efficient, professional project execution.