Mining & Industrial

Addelec provides specialised electrical solutions designed to meet the rigorous demands of mining operations and industrial facilities. Our expertise encompasses the design, installation, and maintenance of robust electrical systems that support heavy machinery, automation processes, and safety systems essential for efficient and safe production.

Understanding the unique challenges of the mining and industrial sectors, such as harsh environments, remote locations, and continuous operation requirements, Addelec focuses on delivering durable, high-performance electrical infrastructures. Our services include power distribution networks, motor control systems, lighting, and emergency backup solutions, all tailored to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial and mining sites.

From the planning stages through to execution and ongoing maintenance, our team ensures that every aspect of the electrical system is optimised for energy efficiency, reliability, and compliance with industry standards and environmental regulations.

Addelec’s commitment to innovation and quality makes us a trusted partner in the Mining & Industrial industry, helping our clients achieve operational excellence and sustainability goals through superior electrical contracting services.