We manufacture a diverse range of products, tailored precisely to your unique project needs. Beyond just manufacturing, we offer enduring support for these customised products, encompassing everything from repairs to servicing. Our cost-effective service packages ensure regular testing, maintenance, and servicing, all while maintaining compliance with standards and audits throughout the product’s lifespan. 

  • HIVOTECH 1500DC tester 
  • 1500VDC short circuits and earth plus bags 
  • HV earths & earthing kits 
  • Fully customisable HV operating sticks 
  • Discharge sticks 
  • Operating heads and adaptors, including discharge heads 
  • Modiewark adaptors  
  • Measuring sticks 
  • LV grab sticks 
  • Operating glove bags 
  • DC tester kit bags 

Addelec’s state-of-the-art, purpose-built stick refurbishment facility operates in an environment controlled for temperature, humidity, and dust. This ensures that the quality of refurbishments and repairs is maintained year-round. 

Our skilled in-house team is equipped to repair a wide range of electronic instruments and safety equipment, including: 

  • Instrument repairs and adjustments 
  • PETE repairs 
  • HV equipment repairs 
  • Fibreglass refurbishments