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DevelopmentWA – East Village @Knutsford

The East Village @Knutsford project involved the creation of an Embedded Network Metering System, designed to support a sustainable and technologically advanced urban development. This project showcased innovative energy solutions, integrating comprehensive metering and energy trading technologies. 


The project aimed to implement a multifaceted system that not only supported energy efficiency but also facilitated advanced energy trading mechanisms. The challenge was to design and integrate a system capable of handling estate level battery storage, water and energy metering, and electric vehicle charging, all while being compatible with peer-to-peer energy trading technology.


The consultancy and system design provided included the following components: 

  • Estate Level Battery Storage: To ensure energy availability and sustainability throughout the development. 
  • Water & Energy Metering, Data Aggregation & Transfer, and Visualisation: These systems were implemented to monitor and manage energy and water use efficiently, providing real-time data insights and management tools. 
  • Electric Vehicle Charging & Load Management: To accommodate the growing demand for electric vehicles, charging stations equipped with load management technology were installed. 
  • Power Ledger Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Technology: The development served as a testing ground for this innovative technology, which utilised the backbone metering and data collection infrastructure to enable energy trading among residents. 


The East Village @Knutsford project has become a model for modern sustainable developments, demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of integrated energy systems. Its successful implementation has reinforced its reputation as a preferred supplier for significant developments, following previous successful collaborations with Curtin University and Development WA. The project meets current energy efficiency standards and sets a new benchmark for future developments in the area.

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