How EV Charging Stations Can Drive Revenue for Local Businesses

The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia is reshaping local and national commerce. With over 20,000 EVs sold in 2020 alone and sales surging by 200% in some regions, there is now a growing demand for convenient charging options. This shift presents a lucrative opportunity for local businesses to drive revenue by integrating EV charging stations into their operations.

Addelec + Gemtek is ready to help local businesses capitalise on this opportunity. We aim to enhance your business’s attractiveness to the growing number of EV owners by providing essential charging services while inviting increased patronage.

Growth of EVs and Supporting Infrastructure

Globally, the demand for EVs is rising at an unprecedented rate, a trend mirrored in Australia thanks to federal and state incentives encouraging EV adoption. This growth necessitates a corresponding increase in EV charging infrastructure, which has been expanding to accommodate the growing number of electric vehicles.

The Australian government’s commitment is evident through initiatives such as Victoria’s Zero Emissions Vehicle Subsidy, which provides significant funding and incentives for developing EV infrastructure. These aim to boost the EV charger count into the thousands, addressing the direct correlation between charger availability and EV purchases.

Incorporating EV charging solutions into your business can attract a demographic of environmentally conscious consumers, potentially increasing foot traffic, sales, and time spent on the premises.

Benefits of Installing EV Chargers for Local Businesses

Direct Revenue from Charging Services

EV charging stations improve customer service and offer a direct revenue stream from the fees collected. Businesses have the flexibility to establish their own pricing models, which can be tailored based on local electricity costs, the type of chargers used, and desired profit margins.

The pricing structure for EV charging can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the type of charging station installed (AC or DC), local electricity rates, and the business model. For instance, slower AC chargers, which are commonly used in settings where cars are parked for longer periods (like cinemas or shopping centres), might charge a flat rate per hour or a fee based on the duration of use. Faster DC chargers, suitable for quick top-ups at locations like petrol stations, might charge per kWh (kilowatt-hour) to better reflect the quantity of electricity used.

Increased Foot Traffic

When EV owners stop to charge their vehicles, the charging time creates an opportunity for them to engage with nearby businesses. This increased dwell time can be particularly beneficial for cafes, retail stores, and shopping centres, where longer visits often translate into higher consumer spending.

The typical charging session for an electric vehicle can last anywhere from 30 minutes for a quick top-up to several hours for a full charge, especially when using slower AC chargers. During these periods, EV owners are more likely to browse stores, eat at restaurants, or enjoy leisure activities near the charging station. This behavioural pattern offers local businesses a unique opportunity to attract and serve a new category of customers — the EV drivers.

Having EV charging stations can make a business a preferred destination for EV owners, who may choose locations specifically for their charging capabilities. You can attract repeat visits from EV owners who appreciate the convenience of charging their vehicles while they go about their day.

The installation of EV charging stations offers a compelling competitive advantage for local businesses. By providing this increasingly sought-after amenity, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors, attracting a niche market of EV owners and those who value environmental sustainability.

Competitive Advantage

As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to rise in Australia, the availability of convenient charging options becomes a significant factor in the decision-making process for EV owners.

Businesses that integrate EV charging facilities can tap into this growing demographic by positioning themselves as forward-thinking and environmentally conscious. This appeals to EV owners and a broader audience that appreciates corporate responsibility towards sustainability.

EV charging stations can make a location a preferred stopover for EV drivers, especially in areas with scarce amenities. For instance, retail outlets, restaurants, or entertainment venues with EV chargers provide a strong incentive for EV drivers to choose these locations over others, effectively turning every charging session into a potential customer engagement opportunity. This is particularly valuable in competitive sectors like hospitality and retail, where attracting and retaining customers is a top priority.

Opportunities for Marketing and Public Relations

Integrating EV charging stations can significantly enhance a business’s marketing and public relations strategy by positioning it as eco-friendly and innovative. This not only boosts the business’s public image but also aligns it with the values of modern, environmentally conscious consumers.

By advertising the availability of EV charging facilities, businesses can effectively communicate their commitment to sustainability and innovation. This can be highlighted in various marketing channels such as social media, company websites, press releases, and in-store promotions.

Demonstrating a commitment to environmentally friendly practices resonates well with a growing segment of the population concerned about climate change and sustainable living. Moreover, businesses can engage in cause-related marketing by partnering with environmental organisations or participating in green initiatives. Promotions might include special discounts for customers who use the EV chargers or events that emphasise the business’s sustainability efforts.

Seize the Future of Your Business with Addelec + Gemtek

Addelec + Gemtek offers a comprehensive suite of EV charging infrastructure solutions that benefit local businesses in Australia looking to integrate EV charging stations into their operations. Our range of AC and DC chargers caters to diverse needs, from slower overnight charging ideal for hotels and offices to rapid charging options suitable for high-traffic areas like service stations and retail centres.

Safety is paramount when installing and operating EV charging stations, and Addelec + Gemtek addresses this with advanced safety features. We provide EV charger solutions, including earth fault protection, overload protection, and emergency shutdown capabilities, so the charging infrastructure is safe for everyday use.

The flexibility of our power distribution solutions facilitates easy installation and future expansion. These systems are designed to adapt to various building layouts and expand as demand increases, offering you a scalable and efficient way to support your growth in the EV market.

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