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Test & Commissioning

Addelec Power Services offers a range of testing services provided by experienced, qualified testing technicians from the extensive range of Addelec owned NATA certified test equipment.

Services offered include:
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Pre-commissioning testing
  • Full testing, commissioning, and reporting
  • Fault finding
  • Service and maintenance checks

Our People


Most test technicians connect the leads, push the buttons and record the results.

However, Addelec Power Services’ test technician understands what the test set is doing during the test, and why. The technician can also evaluate the results and determine if a retest is necessary with different connections, or substitute external equipment for tests when the test is unsuccessful. Addelec Power Services employees are qualified, trained and experienced to carry out a full commission, re-commission, maintenance and route tests.

Additional information is available to our onsite technicians through our server and database of manufactures and their recommendations.

Addelec Test Technicians refer to both International and local standards, regulations and best practice.


Addelec Power Services have a highly competent engineering team able to provide power system and energy solutions to meet your requirements.

We offer:
  • Calculation and review of protection settings
  • Reliability studies and risk assessments
  • Incident response and protection operation investigations
We offer analysis of:
  • Short circuit/Relay coordination
  • Load flow
  • Transients
  • Protection clearing time
  • Voltage regulation
  • Post-event relay operation

Our engineers are skilled in the use of SKM Powertools and other engineering software packages to support our customers’ needs.


Addelec Power Services Project Management Team are well versed in all aspects of power networks, and highly skilled in understanding the client, their brief and being able to communicate this to the team as part of the project process. The Addelec Power Services Project Managers take pride in being trusted by the client and well respected by the Addelec team, to ensure every project is not just delivered but is a success.

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