VT Testing with the CPC 100

With a voltage output of up to 2000 V AC the CPC 100 can be used to test VT ratio, polarity and burden. By injecting voltage into the primary side, ratio can be measured. Thereby the phase angles of high-voltage output and voltage measurement input are also measured. Thus the correct VT polarity can be verified. Applying voltage to the secondary VT circuits and measuring the load current in amplitude and phase allows the actual burden to be measured, ensuring that it is within the VT´s specification data.

Voltage transformer testing

  • VT ratio up to 2 kV AC | polarity and burden
  • VT burden up to 130 V AC | secondary
  • VT secondary voltage withstand test up to 2 kV AC
  • Polarity check with CPOL up to 2 kV AC
  • VT electronics up to 2 kV AC
  • IEC 61850 Sampled Values testing

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