Protection Relay testing is the primary method of detecting failures, the only other method is to observe a miss operation. Which in many cases is too late.

With the RES APTS – Automatic Protection Test Set , general-purpose test routines can quickly and easily create customised, automatic relay test programs for virtually any type of protective relay, of whatever manufacturer. It allows for testing simple or complex, single- or three-phase, electromechanical, solid-state and microprocessor based relays. It is not necessary to change the way relays are tested. Addelec Power Services  test technicians can substitute for manual test procedures or can easily create new test procedures where previously none existed. This holds for even the most complex relays. After a test program has been created for a specific relay type, it can be stored for recall and repetitive use. It is possible automatically to change voltage, current, phase angle and frequency.

The goal for protection relay testing is to maximise the availability of protection and minimise failure.